Up and at ’em

I had just shot something near Heisler Park the other day and saw this on the walk back. I often struggle to get out of bed when the alarm comes early — it’s easy to downgrade the priority of something that needs done in exchange for a bit more sleep. Then there was this view. The light and the fog aren’t like this most mornings. I remembered by being out there a lot you to capture the cool things when they do happen to occur. So here’s to all those early mornings when you could have slept in but got up and slogged through something that didn’t really need to be done.

3 thoughts on “Up and at ’em

  1. Yeah Dave. John Muir. The Sierras. So epic. I get so stoked when I see glimpses of that same grandeur and awe just cruising around locally. The epic-ness is present in so many little cracks of everyday when your perspective is right. What you reading?

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