Mission Aquarius nominated for a Webby!


Woo hoo! The Mission Aquarius video series we made at One World One Ocean was nominated for a Webby Award in News & Politics!

A big honor, considering the company we are in: NY Times, Washington Post, ABC News, the Daily Beast, etc. This couldn’t have been done without incredible teams (both OWOO, and Aquarius Reef Base), and an incredible story. Read about Mission Aquarius here, and watch the video series:

2 thoughts on “Mission Aquarius nominated for a Webby!

  1. Yo Ted Thanks for sharing some of your work. it’s good stuff! I love the material and ideas. We MUST start seeing that our approach to the planet is killing it quickly and we need to change what we value and allocate our $$$$$$.

    I’m currently wrapped up in the teacher training and it eats up most of my free time but I want to get together and slack line, hike, M/C ride, whatever soon. Plus I should prob see the kid before he’s bigger than me…

    Hope you guys are well!


    • Hey Chris! Couldn’t agree with you more. There are plenty of people talking about the damage being done to our planet, but a lot of it is tuned out because people don’t want to hear bad news, even if it’s true. Hopefully these kinds of inspiring stories get through to people and make them want to learn more about what’s going on in the ocean.
      Slack line — yes. I’m in need of some balance.

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