The rest of the story goes like this: after Julita and Leonard Jones lost their Laguna Beach home, as well as their extensive art collection and life work, in a fire, they moved into a temporary home  in Laguna Canyon. A few months later that was hit by a 100 year flood that inundated the area. Now, finally, they are building their new house, modeled after the old one, on their property in Laguna Beach. I shot this photo of Julita checking in on the construction site, in the same spot where the other photo was taken, a week ago.

Here is an excerpt form the complete story:

“Printmaker Julita Jones lost her Arroyo Chico home to a fire last summer along with most of her own art and a sizable personal art collection. Flooding in Laguna Canyon dealt her a second blow. Jones had stored a number of works with fellow artist Marsh Scott, a metal sculptor whose studio was destroyed by flooding.

“We still have our lives,” said Jones, undaunted. She and husband Leonard are rebuilding their house on the same tree-lined street. “It’s in the framing stage now, but we are still trying to figure out everything we lost for the insurance,” she said.

Devoid of studio space, she is not making prints, but shifted her focus to photography. She also teaches art classes at the Sawdust. But, while remaining upbeat, she concedes that it’s hard to make art while also being preoccupied with building a house. At her Sawdust booth, a helper is sometimes reluctant to sell some rescued prints due to their sentimental value, she said.”