A Message from Midway

This was first posted on the OWOO blog Jan 9.

I first saw a trailer for this film by Chris Jordan months ago. It was beautifully shot, with a haunting message. Thousands of miles from the nearest humans, a seemingly paradisical island inhabited by sea birds is slowly being strangled by our plastic discards. The beautiful creatures go on eating bits of junk they think is food, filling their stomachs with something that will inevitably kill them slowly and quietly, out of view of the world. The pure innocence of animals, beauty of natural ecosystems, and and unintended cruelty of our wasteful ways is powerful.

Jordan asks a simple question: “Do we have the courage to face the realities of our time, and allow ourselves to feel deeply enough that it transforms us?”

The new trailer is even better than the first one. Here it is.

MIDWAY : trailer : a film by Chris Jordan from Midway on Vimeo.